Our Promise

The heart of the Kids Early Learning Centre philosophy is a belief in the absolute importance of responsive and reciprocal relationships. You will feel this the moment you enter our centres. Relationships of this nature, grounded in mutual respect between all members of our centres creates supporting and nurturing learning environments, and a place where everyone can reach their full potential.

At Kids ELC you will notice that our centres are uniquely different. We pride ourselves on offering beautiful learning environments with open-ended resources that create endless learning possibilities, inspired by the Reggio Emilia educational approach. We believe that it is through play that children develop the foundations for further learning which includes exploration of their environment, who they are and where they fit within the world they belong. We are committed to a holistic educational approach to empower children’s learning.

We view your children through deep respect, seeing them as capable and confident learners active in their own learning journey. We offer uninterrupted opportunities for play to occur with the space, time and resources to develop into the many possibilities’ children can create, explore and define. We also inspire children to develop a considerate and respectful attitude towards others and the environment

We look forward to welcoming you to our community at Kids ELC, where every day we create joy and wonder!

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